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This is supported by the two documents, dated to [1133] and Sep 1146 both quoted below, which list fiefs of the bishop of Bayeux in the duchy of Normandy.Ellis suggests that Walter de Lacy was the brother of Ilbert de Lacy, highlighting that Walter held a "knights fee in Lassy and Campeaux" in Normandy from Odo Bishop of Bayeux and that "this fief was afterwards held in parage by the heirs of Walter and Ilbert" .The Historia sancti Petri Gloucestri records that "Helewysa relicta Willelmi de Ebroys" donated "terram Hyda, quam Walterus de Lacy dedit ei in matrimonium" with the consent of "rege Henrico senioretempore Willelmi abbatis" [abbot from 1113 to 1131].Ellis shows the supposed brothers in his genealogical table as born from different mothers.Presumably he bases this on Emma naming only her son Ilbert in the charter which is quoted above.We pride ourselves on our already-competitive pricing at Cafe Press.