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Db Piccolo Another special kind of piccolo, called a Db Piccolo (aka Military Piccolo), is sometimes used instead of the regular piccolo.

Rarely used nowadays, the Db piccolo was commonly used in the first half of the 20th century.

Like a guitar or lute, a zither's body serves as a resonating chamber (sound box), but, unlike guitars and lutes, a zither lacks a distinctly separate neck assembly.

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Piccolo Db Piccolo (rare) Flute Eb & Alto Flutes Oboe English Horn (rare) Bassoon Contrabassoon (rare) Sarrusophone (very rare*) Eb Clarinet Bb Clarinet Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet Contra-Alto Clarinet Contrabass Clarinet Occasional Instruments Piano Keyboard/Synthesizer Harp Soprano Saxophone Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Bass Saxophone (rare) Trumpet Cornet Flugel Horn French Horn Trombone Bass Trombone Euphonium Eb Tuba (rare) Tuba String Bass Electric Bass Piccolo (and also the Db Piccolo) The piccolo is a special kind of flute that is pitched one octive higher.

The musicians who play piccolo usually also play flute.

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