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Pitfalls of dating a divorced man

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Or you may be asking yourselves, Anticipating the hurdles in the road ahead is essential to a good marriage in the empty nest season.

In order to successfully transition your marriage into the empty nest years, you should watch for three common pitfalls that many marriages face in middle-age.

How many middle-aged couples do you know who are still in love with each other and whose marriages you admire?

How many do you know who regularly criticize, condemn, and alienate each other? Empty nest couples have the same two commodities; the challenge is to capitalize on them.

Newlyweds seem to have cornered the market on being in love. We’ve noticed that, for an empty nest wife, it is all too easy to fill the void left by the kids with criticism of her husband. In a sense what you are doing is shutting the glass door on your marriage.