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Friends of both genders tell that their experiences have been hard in different ways.

Speed dating rules and regulations

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Start-up companies now meet with investors, pregnant couples interact with doulas, and homeless dogs court potential owners, all using the speed-dating format.Some years ago I caved to my curiosity and tried it out myself. When the little buzzer went off after three minutes, I often found myself still trying to explain to my bedazzled dating partner why my last name has four syllables (it is Dutch).Plus, this Cosmo article says that fragrance is a key element to seduction, which means that it This is not the time to try to impress others with your pseudo knowledge about U. Foreign Affairs, Roland Barthes, or the aesthetic failures of the Bilbao Guggenheim (especially if your only exposure to it came from this Mariah Carey video).Instead, if you’re into beat boxing, talk about beat boxing. You can also try hesitating for a moment and then saying you forgot your number, which signals to your date that you are so far above them that you can’t even be bothered to recite a few digits. — East Campus Speed Dating will be this Thursday from 8pm to 9pm in Barbour Lounge.AS A PSYCHOLOGIST, I have always found the concept of speed dating fascinating.During a series of mini dates, each spanning no more than a couple of minutes, participants in a speed-dating event evaluate a succession of eligible singles.

Last year online coupon company Groupon hosted the world’s largest speed-dating event, with 414 attendees crammed into a restaurant in Chicago.

There’s nothing worse than trying to articulate your major while your date hears nothing but “Budble mayoring in Gognitib Euroscience.” 3.

Be a Good Listener Midway through the date, remove a running tape recorder and place it casually on the table in front of you.

It’s natural to arrive a little nervous to a speed dating event, particularly if you have never been speed dating before and don’t know what to expect.

Trust me, after the first speeddate or two (and after the first drink or two!